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Top 8 Insomnia Remedies | Insomnia? Best Remedies Explained


8 Best Insomnia Remedies 

Are you having trouble sleeping at night or are waking up unusually? Is it that when you are getting into bed, you just keep staring at the ceiling with your eyes wide and mind racing? 

If that sounds like you, then it's pretty obvious that a good night's sleep has become your distant fantasy these days. And yes, you are definitely suffering from insomnia!! This sleep disorder affects many people, making it tough for them to fall or stay asleep. 


Treat Insomnia- 8 Best Best Remedies Explained Below

However, guess you are here because you are looking for some ways to treat this sleep disorder. In that case, here are a few home remedies listed below that can help you fix your sleep pattern and restore your quality of life. But first, let's understand insomnia from a closer view!! 

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What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough restful sleep. 

Majority of the people undergo this health problem which can further lead to more health issues including diabetes, hypertension, and weight gain over time. 

However, it is completely curable where sleeping medications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have been fruitful. 

But other than that, you can also employ home remedies to give a shot to treat this issue. Therefore, some of the insomnia remedies include 

  1. Use of Melatonin 

One of the first remedies that you can use for treating insomnia is Melatonin. It is basically a hormone produced by the brain to control the sleep and wake cycle of the body. 

There are many melatonin dietary supplements available in both liquid and tablet form which can be consumed. 

From helping one to sleep faster to having a better night's sleep, melatonin can help in multiple ways. However, it is also suggested to talk to your doctor regarding the optimal dosage and discover if it is safe for you or not. 


Talk to Your Doctor First- Then Use Melatonin as Prescribed

  1. Yoga

Another remedy that you can opt for is Yoga. It has proven to be beneficial for promoting sleep quality and reducing the symptoms of stress. Apart from this, yoga also improves physical functioning and increases mental focus. 

It is suggested to choose a style that emphasizes moving meditation or breath work rather than opting for physical activities that are strenuous. To be precise, some of the excellent yoga choices include Yin and restorative yoga. 

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Make sure to perform a longer session every week that can last up to 20 minutes at least. Also, you can try a few postures that help you to rest and unwind before going to bed. Just make sure not to force any position if it does not feel right or else it can cause an injury.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has multiple health benefits including helping to treat insomnia. It has been used to induce feelings of relaxation for thousands of years. 

Using it has been known to increase the beginning of sleep, sleep length, and sleep quality. You can use it as a pillow spray, a patch, or massage oil as well. 


Lavender Oil-A Perfect Fighter Against Insomnia

Other than that, it is safe to consume as a dietary supplement but can also interfere with other medications. However, if you are already taking sleep medication or medicines for high blood pressure, then you should consult with your doctor.

  1. Chamomile

The next best remedy that can help to treat insomnia is the intake of Chamomile as a tea. 

These can be used both as oil as well as dietary supplements. Using it comes with little or no side effects which is a big reason why you should be opting for it.

  1. Mantra Chanting 

If yoga or taking medications is not helping, then chanting of Mantra can be really helpful. It can help you to stay focused and relax besides generating emotions of tranquility. If you recite mantras throughout the day or before bed, then you will surely experience less insomnia. 

Besides that, these mantras do not have to be of any specific language. You can chant them in any preferred language of your choice. 

However, it should be a straightforward affirmation in the present tense. Not to mention, a good mantra will allow you to focus on the sound repetition over and over again further allowing you to relax and sleep.

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  1. Having a good sleep hygiene 

Sometimes your sleep hygiene can interrupt your sleep and make it difficult. This is why you must follow good sleep hygiene to enhance your sleep quality. 

For instance, you must avoid using cell phones, watching TV, or using laptops before going to sleep. Make sure to keep the bedroom lights dim and use eye masks or earplugs to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Do not use the bedroom all day long apart from the nighttime. Also, you can opt for taking a warm or cold water shower at least an hour or two before going to sleep to eliminate the sleep disorder. 

  1. Valerian Root

Valerian root has proven to be a useful remedy to cure insomnia over decades. It is associated with enhancing sleep quality besides promoting a good lifestyle as well. 

The root of the valerian can be taken in a variety of forms including tincture, tea, capsule, etc. Just make sure not to overdo it and consult with your doctor before consuming it. Also, make sure not to give it to small children or pregnant women.

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  1. Listen to Soothing Music 

Music reaches places where words cannot !! Yes, one of the most useful remedies that you can use to treat insomnia is listening to soothing music. 

Those who have difficulties falling asleep can opt to listen to peaceful music as it can assist in enhancing sleep quality. It diverts the mind from having thoughts that may result in insomnia. 

Furthermore, it relaxes the body and makes one feel calm. Just make sure you choose something relaxing and set it to turn off after a certain amount of time. 

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