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Facts About Women's Emotions| Psychology Facts


Facts About Women's Emotions

“Emotions,” are all those feelings that affect one's judgments, and are often attended by pain or pleasure. Such are anger, pity, fear and the like, or it may also range from happiness, sadness, surprise, ” etc. Emotion is therefore referred to as a heterogeneous category that consists of a wide variety of important psychological phenomena.
Some emotions are very specific since they concern a particular person, object, or situation. Others, such as distress, joy, or depression, are regular emotions.  Some emotions are very brief and barely conscious, such as a sudden flush of embarrassment or a burst of anger. Others, such as long-lasting love or simmering resentment, are protracted, lasting hours, months, or even years in which can later become a durable feature of an individual’s personality. Emotion may have pronounced physical accompaniments, such as a facial expression, or it may at times be invisible to observers.
An emotion may involve conscious experience and reflection, or it may pass virtually unnoticed and unacknowledged by the one experiencing it. An emotion may be profound, in the sense that it is essential to one’s physical survival or mental health, or it may be trivial or dysfunctional. An emotion may be socially appropriate or inappropriate. In many cases, it may even be socially obligatory, for instance, feeling
remorse after committing a crime or experiencing the feeling of grief.

Female Psychology Facts

After a number of research studies on female psychology facts,  It is now considered as a proven fact that women are far more emotional as compared to that of men.

Women’s level of emotions has baffled people for decades. Understanding women's emotions have never been an easy task. There are only a few people who are actually good at understanding the nature of a woman in the context of their feelings, emotions and ongoing spontaneity.

Mood Swings in Women 

One of the most important facts about being a woman is that they usually go through a lot of mood swings throughout their lifespan. This is why they are often tagged as crazy since many times they are unstable, changeable and unpredictable. This emotional aspect is most visible during the phase where girls generally walk ahead towards womanhood.
The loss of childhood seems most painful during this phase. The developmental challenges seem to be daunting during this phase. Since it is an intense period of growth comprising of vulnerable emotions accompanied by deep-seated insecurities.  Here feminine emotions are often said to be in a dilemma since amidst the manifold developmental challenges on their way growing up towards womanhood seems much exciting to them.

Psychology Facts About Girls
Psychology Facts About Girls

Emotionally Sensitive Women in the Workplace  

Sensitivity in a workplace often acts like a two-faced sword since it assists the co-workers in understanding the nature of a woman. On the one hand, one often gets appreciated for her generous nature, her personality in general and the sense of dedication.  As far as the tough realities of the workplace are concerned, a woman's emotions can often run unchecked.

Her high attunement into the workplace surroundings can easily be considered as being peeved by co-workers. Highly sensitive women can thereby leverage the fullest out of their workplace by utilizing their ability in grasping their own emotions as well as that of others furthermore self-awareness and social awareness will also assist smart women to act on their emotions in a constructive way.

Woman's Emotions and Her Relationships 

It is impossible for each and every individual to be emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship. A genuine and healthy relationship is built on mutual trust and respect, as well as the ability and desire to communicate about both your feelings and issues. These are such things that an emotionally immature partner might struggle with. Of course, no one on this earth is perfect, but if one desires her relationship to succeed, it's important that she should be well connected to her emotions, and at the same time be mature enough to acknowledge what she might need to improve within herself in order to become a better partner.

Having an emotionally immature partner is capable of impacting the overall health of the existing relationship. It's understandable that everyone matures at their own pace, in such cases its worth for a man to discover whether he is dating an emotional woman, so here we would be talking about signs that would indicate the features of an emotional woman.

The Signs Featuring An Emotional Woman

They Often Struggle to Talk About Their Feelings 

As per the conceptions of a number of women are concerned, they often think that it would be funny to brag about being allergic to feelings. Yet it is a fact that all of us do have feelings so it would rather be immature to ignore it. Women who are emotionally immature are many times stunted when it comes to speaking out about their feelings and emotions.  The presence of a sort of shame and vulnerability makes them shut down or withdraw, instead of trying to understand or process these complicated emotions.  Often during such instances, they may go through a phase of depressed mood, mood swings might become a regular incident in such phases.

She Will Notice and Feel What You Feel 

At one instance where emotional women can seem emotionally immature when it comes to striking a balance in a relationship, there are many such proven examples where they seem mature enough in what is known as the Emotional Quotient and can grasp their partner's subtle unspoken emotional cues - the tension in her partner's voice, the slump in his shoulder or his sudden avoidance of eye contact. It is not something that they do purposely but they are capable enough to process the signals and feel the same that their partners go through. Their partner's stress becomes their stress and his suppressed anger becomes her tension for the rest of the night.

Give Her a Little more Time to Adjust to Changes  

Change can be hard for anyone, but emotional women often process these changes more deeply than others usually do. This means that even signifies positive changes, like starting up a new relationship, can be really overwhelming for them (If you’ve ever seen someone cry because of good news, they may have been highly emotional.)

As a result, emotional take relationships slowly, especially at the beginning. Don’t be surprised if your emotional partner needs time for themselves or seems reluctant at first. They are only doing what they have learned to date and they need to do it in order to protect their heart and their stress level.

They Need Time Alone 

Some highly emotional women are introverts, while some are extroverts. But all of them, even the most social and chatty, sometimes need to have a private space or prefers to be left alone. This is because of the stimulation of all kinds, which are capable of quickly overwhelming the senses of a highly emotional woman, and they need time without stimulation to calm down.

They Love Being Engaged Deeply 

Highly sensitive women often process things deeply, so they are usually thinking about the big things in life. That could be as personal as how their friendship or relationship is going to work out, or about cosmic subjects such as the future of humankind. Either way, highly emotional women want to move quickly beyond surface-level chit chat especially with the one with whom they have a deep emotional connection and prefer to get involved with them on a much deeper level.

They Are Aware that Most People Fail to Understand Them  

Only about 15-20%of the population of women are highly emotional. The rest of the remaining 80% has never even heard of high sensitivity. As a result, emotional women don’t just feel misunderstood, rather they are misunderstood in reality. This is why they are used to how most people handle it: by trying to pigeonhole them, stick a stereotype on them, or simply tell them there is something wrong within them. If a different approach is taken like listening openly to them and trying to understand their experiences, the male partner would stand out. And they will rather love him for it.

Stay Away From These Two Labels 

Highly emotional women are often tagged or labeled as too sensitive or shy and this tends to irritate them the most. So it is rather preferable to stay away from labeling them and rather give them time to speak up about their deep emotions and feelings.

The Environment of an Emotional Woman Affects Them 

We all have preferences for some types of environments that seem to be better than many others. But an emotional woman's system puts a lot more energy into processing the signals around them whether it is the presence of noise, light, activity, or the presence of other people. This means that even a moderately busy space can seem disturbing for a highly emotional woman. Therefore her partner may have to do the laborious groundwork to understand whether his girl would enjoy a certain setting and then make plans accordingly.

Conflict With an Emotional Woman 

As far as highly emotional women are concerned, conflict turns out to take a major toll on them since its a strong source of overwhelming. It is a situation demanding a fast, firm response working as a sensory overload, or rather dumping constant emotional signals on them. Basically, it seems like one or two punch for highly emotional women. This is why emotional women have a hard time dealing with criticism, which comes loaded with the high potential capable of causing conflict.

As a result of such situations, many highly emotional women deal with such situations by going out of their way in order to keep their partner happy. This can become a problem, especially when they don’t speak up for their own requirements. If a man is dating an emotional woman, he should be aware of this tendency; and help out his female partner to feel safe and speak their mind, and search for ways to manage conflict gently. Again, listening skills and creating a safe space for honest and
the non-yelling discussion goes a long way

Nothing is Greater For An Emotional Woman Than Being Accepted 

It is a true fact that most highly emotional women do have had a long list of suitors who did not even bother to understand them. These are people who saw the creativity, their sensitivity, or their quirky personality. But these same people never had the time to say, that they also accept and love the side of these women that has needs, the side that has to process, the side that feels things so deeply, the side that’s inconvenient when it gets overwhelmed.
Those two sides are part of a single person. None of the highly emotional women can have one without the other and every emotional woman learns to avoid people who only want half of them. If you can take the time to listen and accept your highly sensitive partner for their whole being only then they will love their partners more deeply than they have ever been loved before. Though only in the condition if they can trust you when they are overwhelmed, they will know that they have found a soul mate in their partners.

Signs That You Have Hurt A Girl
Signs That You Have Hurt A Girl

Signs That You Have Hurt a Girls

It is the nature of the majority of females to view ourselves from the perspectives or viewpoints of our beloved partner. The reason we automatically feel hurt is simply this: We believe that the other’s voice is the truth about who we are. Their idea of us and way of treating us supersedes our own belief system about yourselves.

When for instance we go through hurtful statements by the one we are most attached with, our hearts lay wide open to receive such a painful statement from the one we are deeply in love with. It is because we wholeheartedly believe in what the other is saying as if it is the ultimate truth this is why we also feel the pain attached to it.  Men often speak out a number of things at the heat of the moment without the least realization of how hurtful it might sound to his partner. So it may be very difficult for a man to make out whether he has hurt his partner knowingly or unknowingly.

Here we will discuss some subtle instances which will be your cues or signs that you have hurt a girl. As soon as you ask her whether she is upset or not, she refuses by avoiding to make eye contact with you. In fact, she would not even look at your eyes for a while. There is also a chance that she might avoid the question altogether. When you ask her if you did something wrong, she might answer by saying, “I don’t know. Did you?”

In such cases, it is a clear cut indication that she is unwilling to admit her feeling of being hurt. An emotional female partner may sigh, seemingly for no reason at all.

This is the point where she expects her partner's concerns or desires for a question being shot at her in an intention to sort out the matter.

Even in the case of a text chat, she might give you one-word responses, or even one-letter responses, in the hope of receiving statements of concern about her. In such cases, she may prefer to reply only with an emoji which signifies that she is not happy at all at the bottom of her heart. When her partner shares a joke with her or gives her a compliment, she smiles, but it might seem like a fake smile probably just for the sake of smiling.

When her man unknowingly makes advances towards intimacy, she will find out silly little excuses at that moment to move away. She might make it seem like a joke, but in reality, she genuinely does not want him to touch her, especially when she is hurt. She might return your gesture of affection in the intention of not hurting her partner but she would not even initiate any such advances on her own.

She may pretend in a way that nothing much has changed within her or her behavior but to be honest when a girl is deeply hurt, she often becomes much quieter than she usually is. If there is a sudden pause in the conversation between herself and her partner she would rather prefer to grab her smartphone or tab rather than initiating from her end to continue it. Even if in such cases her partner asks her about what she is looking at, she would prefer not to answer it or reply with the least possible information.

Even if she initiates a conversation with her partner, her questions may be encircled around particular incidents, for example, she might ask him about how his day was last Saturday or how deeply is he related to a particular female friend on social media. These questions are to be taken seriously and one should answer it very carefully, it might be the hidden reason why she is hurt.

When any of her friends or rather her partner's friend enters the scene she may happily respond to the person and act in her own self but once again when she is left alone with her partner she might again close off herself.

She tends to lose her temper as soon as she hears her partner commenting on her odd behavior. In reality, the actual reason behind her annoyance is not what he said but the trigger of the behavior of her partner that was the actual reason why she was hurt.

In most cases when a girl is hurt deep inside, when her partner says to her that he loves her, she refrains from saying it back which does not happen otherwise. In such instances, a man might find his partner engaged deeply in thought which she is not at all happy about having. She avoids wishing good morning or good night verbally to her partner or by text which she usually did from the first day since they were together.

She would not be answering his texts until and unless her partner repeats the same texts in order to assure her that he is eagerly awaiting his reply.

Even if she stands upright and claims that she is fine, this means that she is breaking down deep inside but she is staying back from expressing it as she fears being labeled as emotional.  Another most common reason for not expressing herself is, even she realizes deep down that somehow she is being smashed between her ego and her delicate emotions.

No two individuals are alike on this earth. Some girls may jiggle their feet on the ground when they are deeply hurt and lose control of their own emotions, some may play with their nails by not uttering a single word about what is going on within them, on the other hand, few others will prefer to scream their heads off.

Therefore each one should not only keep in mind the above-mentioned symptoms but they should also have a fair idea about the body language of their respective girlfriends.

Facts About Female Versus Males

Facts About Females Versus Males
Facts About Females Versus Males
Humankind is said to be the founder and provider and the best creature who had played essential roles in the life cycle of living beings for ages. There are a number of similarities to be found in men as well as women, yet there are innumerous differences between both of them not only from the point of view of physical growth but the distinction can also be made from the psychological perspective.

These significant differences can be enumerated.

Male Vs Female

They View Things From Different Perspectives  

Men prefer to be calculated on a rational level in situations where a decision is to be or if the case is such that they need to revolve a circumstance in order to get it into his favor.  In such situations, men walk on the path of logic that strikes their minds in a simplified form. If a woman is to be placed on the same platform she would rather prefer to be manipulative in order to make the situation revolve in her favor.

Right Mindedness 

It is while processing the stimulus from an environment men mostly tend to make use of the left hemisphere of the brain while in case of women they are blessed with the capability to utilize both hemispheres at the same time.  This is why the ability of both hemispheres to work at the same time enables women to have a strong grip on words or vocabulary as compared to their male counterparts. While men's verbal abilities are concentrated only in the left hemisphere. This is why women are
said to be far better than men in expressing their feelings.

Remaining Calm and Concentrated 

During sudden outbreaks of stressful situations, both men and women release a hormone known as oxytocin.  In females, the hormone estrogen combined with oxytocin in order to create a calming effect. While in the case of men the amalgamation of testosterone with that of oxytocin turns them into a more aggressive person during times of stress.

The Tendency to Worry 

The worry or tension that a woman goes through is multiple times more intense than that of men. The simplest reason for this is because the genetic factors, the differences in the structure of the brain as well as hormones are seen to be much different in them, last but not least the environment is one of the primary factors playing a key role in molding and shaping a woman's thought process.  The worry that a man goes through is just because of a stressor that was persistent during a temporary moment.  Once the stressor ceases to exist their worries will automatically disappear.

Emotionally Complex Women

After spending quality time with his partner for a couple of days a man should usually have a fair share of ideas regarding her likes and dislikes or how are they supposed to react in a particular situation.  In any case, if a man finds himself clueless about how to engage a woman's emotions, tackle her emotions in a particular way, or rather he end up understanding nothing about how would she be reacting in a particular instance does not necessarily mean that he does not understand her at all. It simply means that his female counterpart is much more emotionally complex than he had thought of earlier.  We all are somehow or the other way round emotionally complex. The difference exists in how we express it.

Some common signs of emotionally complex women are here for you below.

They Openly Show Their Feelings  

If a man thinks himself to be enough accurate in reading his partner's mind in that case either he is an empath or his partner might be much more emotionally complex than he had thought her to be. Since women who are emotionally complex cannot hide or suppress their feelings they will rather unknowingly express it openly which would nearly be on the verge of identification by the man.

Little Things Matter to Them 

Emotionally complex women are generally ruled by their passions. Their ethics, values and a sense of perfection matters to them. They are prone to do the right thing. They generally have a habit of over-analyzing and formulating, so usually, they tend to spend a lot of time doing so.

They Do Process a Lot of Things Internally  

While a man might feel that his partner is fairly open with their emotions, but emotionally complex women usually have a private site that allows them to go through the matter internally. this is why they are reserved and process things internally, Some may also feel more comfortable expressing themselves through letters, long text messages or at times diary writings. this is because it is just easier for them to share their feelings when they have had some time to reflect and are not in the moment.

It's Tough to Anticipate Their Mood  

In case if you feel as if you have never know what kind of mood your partner will be in, this clearly describes emotional complexity in the woman, For instance, she may be easily triggered by things that happen in their day-to-day life. So what starts out as a perfectly good day can easily turn out to be bad very soon. Learning how to efficiently tackle your female partner's moods can help your relationship run more smoothly.

Female Anger Issues 

Anger is the flash of fire that sparks within our brains when we feel that we have been deceived. Perhaps if a stranger would have nipped into the parking space that you were about to occupy, or a lazy work colleague .may has landed us with a thankless task. Or maybe we have been confronted with a deep, hurtful betrayal by someone you love.
Anger triggers the body’s fight or flight response, causing the adrenal glands to flood the body within numerous stress hormones, such as adrenaline, and testosterone, preparing us for physical aggression. But whether we actually end up swearing or scowling or even punching someone depends on the second brain area, the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision-making and reasoning. This puts our anger in context, reminds us how to behave in socially acceptable ways and for most of
us, most of the time, keeps a check on our primal instincts.

The emotion of anger is considered masculine for men whereas, for women, society often considers it to be an unacceptable emotion.

But cultural messages that a woman’s rage is toxic can negatively affect our mental and physical health. Being told, as women, that anger is ethical .may cause shame to build, which can prevent us from expressing it up to a limit until it is considered as a healthy emotion.

While we can’t control how others receive our anger — knowing how to identify, express, and harness this emotion can be empowering.
We might conceptualize that the female anger issues or anger-related problems are only limited to anger, but a number of emotional states could indicate that a woman is failing to deal with anger in a positive and healthy manner. Constant irritability, rage, and anxiety are possible emotional symptoms. Which we even fail to realize many times.


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