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True Love and Unconditional Love-Are They Same? | True Love is Unconditional


True Love and Unconditional Love | True Love is Unconditional

A majority of our population ends up in disappointment when they conceptualize that what they thought to be true love was proven wrong. Many of us might have been through a series of relationships hoping that it would last throughout life, but unfortunately, they were just a matter of a couple of months. Many of us are trapped under such prejudices where we often carry this concept that if a partner is successfully meeting all the criteria present in our checklist then it is true love for sure. Then let's have an in-depth study of the signs of true love.

True Love is Unconditional
True Love is Unconditional
Image Credit:  Vasyl Potochnyi from Pexels

True Love is Lasting 

Every individual might start off with a loving relationship which might be as expensive and romantic which just happens after falling in a new love relationship for the first time. On the contrary true love is unconditional.  This form of love is everlasting and earned love. Therefore it is based on intentionality.  So here it is based on an individual's choice whether he or she is willing to go for an everlasting relationship or would they prefer to live in the fantasy that true love would happen to them suddenly.

True Love is Emotionally Connected  

It has been proven in various research studies that emotional connection is the most important reason due to which true love still exists. It is that factor that holds relationships together. The emotional connection thereby brings in an imperishable attraction. The subtle emotional connection is generated only when you love someone unconditionally. Emotions are the language of love. It is through our emotions that we can express our deepest fear and joy. Emotions help us gain trust and believe in our partner's sincerity.

Red Rose, a Sign of True Love
Red Rose, a Sign of True Love
Image Credit:  Engin Akyurt from Pexels

True Love is Accessible 

It is emotional security for every individual to know that our partner is available for us whenever we need them. Once we are united as a pair at the bottom of our heart we do expect that the first response must come from our partner the moment we are afraid. When you love someone unconditionally you would prefer to stay accessible to your partner even if they are in distress or if they want to share their presence in celebrations.

True Love is Faithful  

In the beginning, a couple, first of all, needs to have faith in their relationships which means that you can trust your partner as life moves on. Trust is, therefore, the foundation or the base on which true love exists. Here one has to trust his or her partner that along with time your partner will prove to be a good parent, housekeeper, and friend as well. True love is unconditional once both the partners prioritize each other and convert their love relationship into a long-lasting bond.

Long-Lasting Relationship
Image Credit: Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

True Love is Transparent  

Transparency is when we are open and actively responding to our partner's deepest needs and desires. Differences in the relationships may as well occur due to the deepest needs and desires that have not been met by the respective partner.  Nothing is more important than spending quality time with your partner, discussing the deepest needs, fears, and desires of each other. This is the platform where you can express your vulnerabilities without the least feeling of shame or uneasiness.

True love is unconditional as it has an affirming bond filled with immense love and understanding and last but, not least, it helps you to be the best version of your own self.


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