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Psychology Facts About Boys


Psychology Facts About Boys

Psychology may be defined as the study of the mind and the thoughts, feelings, and behavior associated with a human mind.  It is an academic discipline which involves the field of study of mental faculties, functions, and behaviors. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is referred to as a psychologist and is a social, behavioral, or cognitive scientist.


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Psychologists make an attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior. They also tend to explore the physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors of mankind throughout an individual's life cycle in relation to social norms, conformity, gender biases according to various social structures.


One of the most prioritized concerns of Social Psychologists is the gender differences in our society that have been a primary factor in ruling the behaviour of mankind. It is from a very young age, approximately three years of age that a child learns to conceive the idea of gender identity. Thus masculinity is a set of attributes, behavior, and roles associated with various psychology facts about boys. Masculinity can be defined as a stereotype that has rather channelized and regulated the behavior of boys in a certain manner that the society would like to see them. 

This is one of the primary causes that men often do not exhibit their emotions since in such cases the society will consider him to be a weak masculine figure. This is why from a very young age boys learn to be two-faced, the first face should be a private emotional figure out of the public's eye on the other hand as a public figure he should not show any emotions. The second such comment that boys often go through during their developmental phase is " they can't feel " this type of brain and heart disconnection begins at the starting of school years when one is capable of forming gender identities.  They are many times categorized as cowards if they exhibit fear, pain or the most tabooed expression "crying".

As a therapist, I have to work with men day in and day out. While speaking on certain psychology facts about boys in one of the speeches, at that moment I could recollect about my male clients and their underlying masculinity. By masculinity I mean the implicit and explicit messages they receive from the society regarding what role they must play as a social masculine figure and how damaging it might be to their psychology. In most cases, men are expected to be tough enough, to stay in control, work through physical pain, provide for their family and last but not least - never back down from a fight.

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While such roles provide most boys on the verge of adolescence with an operational model in which to exist, at the same time it also has to be kept in mind that they can also be extremely restrictive. These are emotional restrictions, avoidance of femininity, more focus on toughness and aggression, self-reliance, achievement, rationality, and objectification of sex. The pressure to strictly conform to this masculine role can make life pretty complicated for boys.  Some boys who seek therapy often suffer from major depressive disorder; however, many of them are uncomfortable with the stigma if such a diagnosis arises.  After all, society dictates to us that real men don't get depressed. Even if they do, the last thing a boy or a man often does is talk to another man regarding it or they may as well try to keep it within themselves since many men acknowledge and accept the mantra, that real men don't talk about their feelings.  As per psychological studies and surveys, this is exactly the stoic stance that can be the source of so much unhappiness in men. 

Professional psychologists have a specific term for identifying boys and men who are unable to identify or express their feelings. It's called alexithymia.  

The term has been  derived from the Greek and literally means "without words for expressing their emotions."  Practically, alexithymia captures a group of boys and men who have great difficulty identifying and putting into words what goes on within them. 

I have found such men relying heavily on logic and rationality in order to tackle their personal problems. While intellect can certainly be helpful in many areas of life (such as the ability to stay cool in a crisis situation), it can also get in the way, particularly in the personal relationships of boys and men. Often boys and men who depend exclusively on their intellect to address problems end up isolating themselves - especially at that time when they are utmost in need of help.

As per psychology facts about boys, men and boys are seen to be much more capable of learning more adaptive ways of processing and communicating their feelings with others.  Some may even benefit from seeking therapeutic support.  The goal of therapy is not to "change men into women," but rather to help them feel more comfortable with who they are; and process what goes on within them; it also assists them with establishing and strengthening their relationships with those who care for them. 

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