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Movie Characters with Mental Disorder


Famous Movie Characters with Mental Disorder

Movie Names and Famous Movie Characters With a Mental Disorder


It's sometimes difficult to judge whether the character in the movie is a character with a mental disorder or it's just a normal unique personality. But still here is the list presented to you guys to check out your favorite movie characters with abnormal personalities. I hope you will like it. Apart from this list, if you suggest some more that you think should be added to the list, definitely mention them in the comments section of this post.

I will keep updating the list and attach more characters and movie names whichever I come across in the future. You too are free to suggest the names, so that I can add your suggested names to the list too. 

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  • A Beautiful Mind
  • A Psycho Mad Man
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  • Black (Bollywood Hindi Movie)
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  • Paa (Bollywood Hindi Movie)
  • Koi Mil Gaya (Bollywood Hindi Movie)
  • Awakenings (1990, Starring Robert De Niro, True Story)
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015, an experimental movie)
  • Strings
  • Black Swan
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  • The Invisible Man
  • Move 123
  • Hannibal
  • Girl Interrupted
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  • Ertugrul Seasons (5 seasons are there)
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  • You (Series)
  • Dhakan
  • Con Air
  • Mr. Glass
  • Dear Zindagi (Bollywood Hindi Movie)
  • Raman Raghav (Indian Movie)
  • K-Pax
  • My Name is Khan (Bollywood Hindi Movie)
  • Love Me Kill Me 
  • Eliza Graves
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Hooked
  • The Promises
  • The Good Mother
  • The Perfect Boyfriend
  • The Wife He Bought Online

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