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Who is the Best Child Psychologist in Kolkata?


Best Child Psychologist in Kolkata | Who is the Most Famous Child Psychologist in Kolkata?| The Top-Most Child Psychologist in Kolkata  

Here today in this article I'll be discussing with you about the person whom I consider as the best child psychologist in Kolkata. There are some facts why I consider her as the top-most child psychologist in Kolkata. But before that, I would like to share a few thoughts with you which will give you more idea about child psychology and how does it work. The branch of psychology that helps us gain in-depth knowledge about the facts and peculiarities of the psychological development of children and shares a number of problems that is related to educational psychology. Child psychology is interconnected with pedagogy, as well as with age morphology and physiology, especially the physiology of the higher neurological activity of children. The objective of this discipline is to study the conditions and ongoing causes behind the evolution of the human psyche, the development of the various psychological processes, for instance, the cognitive, volitional, and emotional development which are associated to different types of activities such as play, work, and study, the formation of personality traits individual psychological characteristics of children.

Mental Health Issues in Children 

Pointing the Child Always Pressurises the Child Mentally
Pointing the Child Always Pressurises the Child Mentally

Have you observed your child suffer from any form of stress, anxiety or anger issues? Is he under any kind of external pressure? Or is it difficult for your child to cope up with his or her day to day activities? Is there any sudden difference in your child’s behavior? Is there any change in your child’s habits that have led to such a change? Is it due to the company he keeps at school or the immediate environment accounting for such massive shifts? As a concerned parent, it is high - time for you
to seek help from a Psychologist for early intervention and therapeutic support.  According to research studies conducted by top child psychologists in Kolkata, more than 20% of Indian children suffer from Mental Health issues at a given year.

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Symptoms of Mental Health Issues in Children 

According to research studies, the exact cause of mental health issues has not yet been detected. A number of causal factors such as hereditary transition and brain chemistry also have significant roles to play.  According to the research studies, combined with the professional experience of the renowned psychologists in Kolkata, there are some common mental health issues that children may often suffer from. These are as follows:-

Anxiety Disorders in Children 

Children suffering from anxiety disorders may respond to certain situations with fear or dread, as well as with physical signs of anxiety for instance -- nervousness, a rapid heartbeat, and sweating.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in a Child

Children suffering from ADHD generally face problems in paying attention or concentrating. They can't follow directions or instructions and are easily bored and frustrated with tasks. They also tend to move constantly and are impulsive which means that they do not think before they act.

Eating Disorders of a Child 

This disorder is specifically associated with unusual behavior and attitudes related to eating habits or food in specific.

Affective Mood Disorders

Children suffering from this mood disorder is usually seen to dwell in sadness or rapidly changing mood. These symptoms might be somewhat alike bipolar disorder in adults.

The Most Famous Child Psychologist in Kolkata  

The contributions of Dr. Rupa Talukdar in the field of Psychology has been immense. She has a working experience of more than 20 years and her contributions towards the field of Child Psychology is innumerable. Her Academic career has equally been excellent, she has achieved an MSc and Ph.D. in Chemistry, she has also earned the degree of MSc in Psychological Counselling and Behaviour Management from IBMS Chittoor, she has also undergone the course of Rehabilitation Psychology PGDREPY recognized by RCI. IGNOU RCI CRR No: A48666. She has completed the course on Graphology from Calcutta University a0nd is thereby recognized as a Graphologist (an expert in handwriting therapy).  She is working as a Guest Faculty at Jadavpur University at the Physical Education Department Counselling Programme. She is now practicing from four ends in Kolkata. She has her own institution providing services in the same field recognized as Mind's Eye. 

Dr. Rupa Talukdar maintains confidentiality in her sessions both for children and adults which helps them to come out from crisis zone to the comfort zone in a short span of time. She communicates the requirement of children through parent counseling where she bridges up the communication gap between parents and children. She has acted as a mentor and Life Coach which has thrown a life-changing effect in the lives of concerned parents as well as their children. To get in touch with this famous child psychologist in Kolkata, one may contact her directly at 9051815449.  One may as well get in touch with her via the website link of her institution.

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