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9 Interesting Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour


9 Interesting Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour 

Psychology is probably one of the most interesting subjects and there are a lot of people who find it intriguing. Studying human behavior and why we do what we do surely seems to be quite fun. But today we are going to talk about some of the most interesting psychological facts about human behavior. Human behaviour is a fascinating subject and it will help you to shape your mind as an individual. These interesting facts about behavioral psychology and how people react or what is going on in our minds can change you as well! 

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The 9 Most Interesting Facts About Human 

The 9 interesting or fun facts about human behaviour have been listed and you will surely have a great time knowing more about our unique minds. These are:

  1. Social Influence Can Change You

As humans, we are social beings and hence there is an innate want to fit in with others. This could manifest in peer pressure, societal norms, or even individuals who are around us but are different. There are studies based on this particular effect and it goes by the name of Solomon Asch's conformity experiment. It highlights that as humans we have a tendency to get changed even if we know it might be incorrect.

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  1. Tendency To Break Rules When Told Not To

One of the most interesting psychological facts about human behavior is that we tend to break more rules when we are particularly instructed not to. This phenomenon is common and it goes by the name of "reactance". One might think that this is common in only kids, however, it is similar in adults as well. It makes you think that your freedom has been taken up and you are inquisitive to break the rule and see what happens next. It is our instinct to do what we are forbidden from doing. 

  1. Cognitive Dissonance

The next principle that can be quite interesting is the idea of cognitive dissonance. This means that as individuals we feel extremely uncomfortable when there are two conflicting beliefs or values. To ensure that we do not keep feeling this discomfort, we often change our attitude so that it can align with our core behaviors. This could be counted as one of the weird human behavior facts but it is very common. 

  1. Squeezing Cute Things

Has it ever happened that you saw something extremely cute or small and had the innate urge to squeeze it? This is a rather unknown factor about human behaviour that the innate urge to squeeze cute things is universal. In fact, there are some places where it has been attributed as a psychopathic trait. However, it is not at all true. This phenomenon for those who do not know is known as cuteness aggression and it is not as harmful as you might think. We feel too positively overwhelmed on seeing cute things and the aggressive behavior comes as an automatic response to balance the feeling. 

  1. Priming

Priming is a very interesting psychological effect and yet there are a lot of us who are not aware of it. Priming is one phenomenon where your last experiences often shape what you feel henceforth. For eg., If you read a lot of words that are related to soft behavior, then there are high chances that the individuals you meet right after that seem to have similar qualities. These are usually embedded subconsciously and they end up shaping our behavior as well as our perception. 

  1. Sleep Does Improve Your Memory

If you have a vehicle, you would know that after running it at a stretch for a long time, you would need it to relax. Why? It ensures that the car is able to get back to its original form. In the same way, when you use your brain and body for too long, you need to ensure you get optimum levels of sleep. 

More sleep will help you to have better memory and it has been scientifically proven. It helps your brain to process and embed information in a more systematic manner when you are asleep. This is one of the unknown facts about human behaviour but extremely relevant. 

  1. Confirmation Bias

As the name suggests, this is a bias that you often use in your daily life and yet you are unaware of it. Confirmation bias is a common tendency where you seek out information that can confirm your extending bias. It is a cognitive mechanism and it can lead to restricted ideas. In such scenarios, you will always look for instances that can affirm what you already believe or perceive. 

  1. Choice Paradox

The more we have choices, the more confused we are. This happens to all of us and is more relevant in the current scenario. With so many choices, we often do not know which are the ones that we should go ahead with. This causes us anxiety and we often feel what if we went with the other option. There are interesting studies on human behaviour that point out this common paradox and how as humans we always believe that we have chosen the wrong option.

  1. Online Dating and Online Shopping Often Follow the Same Principle

Sounds quite bizarre right? Well, sadly a lot of people do this unconsciously and then end up with the wrong decision. Online dating and online shopping often follow the same principle - it is driven by your self-image. You try to picture yourself how you would fit into the dress the same way you picture yourself with your partner. 

There are tons of related interesting psychological facts about human behavior which often point out that there is a lot more to the human mind than we already know. It could be something as bizarre as it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love or even something like 90% of people text things that they are too uncomfortable to say out loud. As individuals the more you know, it would guide you to make better choices. 

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