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What is the #1 Habit You Need to Ditch to Become a Better Version of Yourself?



What is the #1 Habit that You Need to Ditch to Become a Better Version of Yourself?

1. Decisiveness

In general, the attribute or quality of decisiveness refers to persons who are inclined to take action despite the presence of uncertainty. Decisiveness in leadership is the ultimate objective in a society where everyone is continuously looking to learn and improve themselves. Therefore, one should ditch becoming decisive as it helps in making better decisions.

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2. Stress

Another worst habit that one needs to ditch to become a better version is stress. Stress really decreases growth. Stress symptoms can impact your body, your thoughts and feelings, as well as your behaviour. Moreover, stress that is neglected can also lead to life-threatening diseases and situations. As reported, 16% of people had self-harmed out of stress while 32% had suicidal thoughts. 

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3. Overthinking

When talking about becoming a better version of yourself, something that comes in the way is overthinking. Yes, it affects one's life completely such as from causing sleeplessness, aggression, and loneliness to interpreting personal relationships. So if you ever notice yourself thinking too much and doing nothing, know it will just hamper your self-growth. 

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4. Laziness

The trait of being unwilling to work or exert one's energy is known as laziness. It's safe to argue that being lazy is more of a habit than a health problem. Laziness is a sign of low self-esteem, and those with low self-esteem also lack discipline. Therefore, this is another habit you need to ditch to become a better version of yourself. 

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5. Judgmental

Being judgemental comes with a lot of negative consequences including hampering one's self-growth. It can make you feel low, undermine your self-worth, damage your confidence, and prevent you from pursuing your objectives and finding the success you want. Therefore, not only being judgemental can hurt others' feelings but also harm your own self-esteem. 

6. Smoking

We all know smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. But in the process, it brings a negative impact overall. From causing various heart diseases, creating a pleasurable sensation, and reducing thinking capability to other side effects such as anxiety and irritability, smoking really stops you from becoming a better person. As reported, 14.1% of males smoke, while 11.0% of smokers are female. Source

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7. Gambling

Just like everything else, gambling is too much of an addiction. When a person gets into the habit of gambling, it becomes a lifestyle. But with it also comes several issues such as depression, low self-esteem, stress, etc. Simply put, it leads to personality changes in a bad way. So to become a better version of yourself, you really need to give up on gambling. As reported, 7% of youths are involved in gambling disorder as compared to 1% of adults. Source

8. Jealousy

Be it in life or in a relationship, jealousy might feel good sometimes. But do you know it can stop you from becoming a better person? Yes! Jealousy fosters mistrust, suspicion, and doubt, which can snowball into some fairly severe feelings and actions.

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9. Negative Attitude

Another major reason why people fail to succeed in life is a negative attitude. It can lead to chronic stress, which interferes with hormone regulation, depletes happy-making brain chemicals, and weakens the immune system. Simply put, it leads to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

10. Less Productive

Be it life or business, not being productive can result in some major problems. Imagine having the dream to become a pilot but not being productive. Or working in an enterprise and not being productive? Be it any situation, a lack of productivity can hamper your overall growth and stop you from reaching heights of success. So this is another habit you need to ditch. As per the source, that works out to about 4.8 hours of production every day for the typical worker. For office workers, that figure is only 2 hours and 53 minutes, or 12.5 hours per week.

11. Anger

Not to deny, we all have anger issues. And why not? It is natural. However, if anger is conveyed in an appropriate way, it can be a good and useful emotion. But when talking about becoming a better person, it can really affect your personal growth. Simply put, it leads to high blood pressure, headache, and anxiety and also spoils relationships. 

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12. Low Self Esteem

Living with low self-esteem can be detrimental to mental health and result in issues like anxiety and sadness. Unhealthy habits like smoking and binge drinking can be caused as a coping habit. So to have better emotional health and life, it is really important to work on your self-esteem. 

13. Conflicts

Conflicts can erode the process of becoming a better person. This can exacerbate resentment, embarrassment, and hurt feelings and make it more challenging to resolve. Some people may use aggression or violence to boost their self-esteem or employ other destructive dispute-resolution techniques. All this together can stop you from becoming a better person in every area of life. 

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14. Eating Habits

Just like nutritious foods can directly link to body and mental health, junk foods can have the opposite impact. Poor eating habits not only affect your health but also your mental health and overall well-being. As a result, you end up with no signs of growth and development. As per the source, 46% of adults have poor eating habits, while 56% of kids have a poor diet. 

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15. Inconsistency

Another habit one needs to leave behind to become a better person is inconsistency. This is because inconsistency reduces experimenting behaviours such as raising fear, reducing psychological safety, and emphasising the social costs of failure.

16. No Self Confidence

Having no self-confidence reduces the quality of a person's life. Yes, it is another habit that might stand in your way of personal growth. It leads to several negative feelings such as sadness, depression, anger, self-criticism, etc. 

17. Procrastination

Procrastination is another habit that affects one's progress. By delaying vital or necessary chores, time is lost and instead spent on unimportant things.

18. Impatience

Lack of patience almost always leads to poor choices, which eventually hinders development and satisfaction. So if you want to be a better version of yourself, start cultivating patience and enjoy favourable outcomes. 

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19. Depression

Depression is another major habit you need to ditch in order to become a better person. This is because depression not only affects the brain directly but also leads to personality changes. As stated, 8.7% of women have depression, and men have 5.3% of depression. Source.

20. Too much Kindness

Kindness has always been considered a strength. But for some people, too much kindness can be the opposite. Be it in business or in terms of relationships, being too kind can lead to failure. People will see you as weak and you'll value yourself less. 

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21. Not Sleeping Well

If you don't sleep well, then you must know this is another habit you need to give up. This is because lack of sleep can affect the hormones, making you weak. All these overall affect both mental as well as physical health. As stated, adults between 18 and 64 require 7-9 hours of sleep while 7-8 is needed for adults over 65. Source.

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22. Lack of Gratitude

If you don't practice gratitude, then this is another habit you need to ditch. This is because a lack of gratitude can lead to a feeling of incompletion. It also creates negative emotions and you end up never appreciating good things in life. 

23. Lack of Forgiveness

Lack of forgiveness leads to regrets and at the same time can cause emotional bonding, spiritual unrest, and surrounding insecurity. Therefore, it is very important to leave this habit behind as it will help you maintain a positive outlook. 

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24. Lack of Courage

Courage is very important in life. It helps you put aside the fear of failure and helps you become positive. Similarly, it leads you to attempt things such as rejection or thought of doing anything that one shouldn't. 

25. Fear

Fear is something that gives a false sense of security. It restricts your options, prevents you from breathing, and causes worry and anxiety. You can become numbed and lose your sense of direction as a result. Also, it makes it challenging to achieve anything. Therefore, one should try to ditch this habit. As the source says, 12.2% of females experience fear, while 5.8% are male. 

26. Self Isolating

Self-isolation is another bad habit to leave behind. This is because it leads to a person's chance of early death and this risk may be comparable to that of smoking, being overweight, and not exercising. 

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27. Lying

Lying is one of the worst habits one can adopt. When we lie, our breathing and pulse rates quicken, we begin to perspire, our mouths get dry, and our voices start trembling. All these lead to failure in life and prevent a person from growing in life. 

28. Trusting Easily

Trusting easily leads to risk exposure. When you put your faith in someone, you expose yourself to the risk of disappointment. If you let the toxic behaviour of a few people affect you or your team badly, being overly trusting can be a vulnerability. All it takes is changing your perspective and behaviour so that you don't live in a world full of fake and hampering your personal growth.

29. Criticizing

When someone has a tendency to criticize themselves, they could project certain unfavourable beliefs onto others, which makes them expect negative feedback or criticism from others. This not only harms others but also comes in your way of personal development. 

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30. Not letting go of the Past

When you don't let go of the past it haunts you for a lifetime. As a result, it can stop you from focusing on better things in life and the good around you. 

31. Not Socializing

Not socializing is another habit to give up. This is because not socializing not only isolates you but also demotivates you in life along with negatively impacting your brain's structure.

32. Social Media Addiction

In a world where everyone is crazy about social media, try to be someone who isn't. This is because social media can really affect you and your overall life. The truth you see online is beyond what you see. It also lowers self-esteem along with increasing social anxiety. As per the source, social media addiction affects more than 55% of women and more than 60% of males. Source

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33. Greedy

Just like anything else, being greedy leads to development issues. It limits the purpose of life as one never gets satisfied with what he/she may have. It also allows one to doubt their self-worth. 

34. Insecure

Do you often get insecure about yourself and the things around you? If yes, then leave this habit behind. This is because such a habit always allows one to have a negative self-image. It also creates a feeling where you often compare yourself to others and never feel enough. 

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35. Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy comes with nothing but a negative impact. It creates a barrier between self-interest and moral standards. As a result, it leads to moral disengagement, making you not focus on better things in life. 

36. Dependent

Being dependent is another habit that affects one's self-growth and development. However, it only leads to disappointments. Also, you will never be able to achieve and accomplish things in life. So whether you're in school, workplace or gathering, you will feel like being stuck when everyone around is free. 

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37. Self Denigration

Self-denigration is another habit that affects a person from the inner side. This is because our self-stories can damage our self-worth, lock us in a feeling of helplessness, and set off a chain of events that makes anxiety and depression more likely. 

38. Self Loathing

Decision-making talents can be hijacked or rendered useless by negative self-talk and self-loathing. When you have such a negative view of yourself, you might feel less willing to take chances that will make you stronger. Also, you can shy away from chances to interact with people and get mired in a cycle of self-doubt. Therefore, the only solution is to give up on this habit. 

39. Lack of Self Control

No doubt, self-control can help you achieve your goals. But on the other hand, a lack of self-control can pull you back. Overall, it can negatively impact your relationships, finances, education, career, overall health, and well-being. As reported, males have lower self-esteem as compared to females.

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40. Giving Up Easily

Do you often give up on things you want badly? If yes, then try not to. This is because it is surely a bad habit and can make you unrealistic about your goals and make you have unachievable expectations from yourself. 

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