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Top 10 Child Psychologists in Brisbane


Top 10 Child Psychologists in Brisbane

No doubt, there is nobody better qualified than you to nourish your child. Every parent is uniquely positioned to be an expert when it comes to loving the child. But sometimes, no matter what you do, you still fail to guide or to know what is going on with your child, until one day you wake and see your child behaving unusually. 


However, this is when you face a whole new set of challenges. For some parents, it becomes easy to handle such situations, but for some, it gets worse from time to time. And this is where a psychologist enters. So if you're looking for a little guidance and help, then here are the top child Psychologists in Brisbane

  1. Brisbane Children's Therapy

Brisbane Children's Therapy is one of the best child Psychologists near Brisbane. It has been helping children to reach their potential for years and has successfully made a name in the industry. It is a private therapy practice that focuses on providing the best support for Children and families. The firm is equipped with different team members such as educational providers, therapists and professionals. 

There are experts who work with different speech languages as well. The services offered include learning disabilities, autism, spectrum disorders, developmental delay, hearing impairments, etc. 

  • Address- PO Box 114, Wilston Qld 4051

  • Contact number- +61 407 385 606

  1. Brisbane Child Psychologist  

Brisbane Child Psychologist is another best child Psychologist in Brisbane. It is equipped with a team of experts and professionals who focus on helping both children as well as parents towards a healthy and peaceful life. They offer a wide range of services maintaining a high standard and friendly approach. So be it any issue you or your child may be facing, just book an appointment and know you'll be satisfied. 

  • Address- Shop 6/196 Wishart Rd, QLD 4122, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 730 885 422

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  1. Nest Psychology Brisbane

Another best child psychologist near Brisbane is Nest Psychology Brisbane. It is a child and perinatal clinic providing support to children, new parents, teenagers as well as pregnant women. Every psychologist is professional and has special training in perinatal and child mental health. The psychologists here hold 6 years of university education in psychology. Having trained with a special focus on children and teens, they never fail to meet expectations. They offer a wide variety of services such as counselling, support, learning assessments, etc in a very friendly, non-judgmental and caring manner. 

  • Address-  Suite 2B/524, 1st floor, Nitin Rd, Toowong, QLD 4066, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 733 719 998

  1. Maverick Child and Adolescent Psychology

Another worth considering option is Maverick Child and Adolescent Psychology. It offers psychology and counselling services to protect children's and young people's mental health through dedication and superior quickness. It offers a range of psychological solutions both for children and young people such as counselling, and psychometric assessment. The services include depression, anxiety, stress, anger, school refusal, trauma, social skills, etc. Besides, the team of experts aims at bringing possible outcomes for the child, no matter what issue he/she is suffering from.

  • Address- C/0, the better life center, 1/538 gympie rd, Kedron, QLD 4031, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 733 535 430

  1. Social & Emotional Wellbeing for Children & Adolescents   

Social & Emotional Wellbeing for Children & Adolescents is another top child Psychologist in Brisbane. It is a counselling service for both children and adolescents as well as families. They offer various treatments such as activity scheduling, goal setting, anger management, cognitive behaviour therapy, assertiveness and communication skills, medications, etc. Dr Joanne Sergeant completed her medical degree and specializes in psychiatry. Since 2003, it has been offering confidential care for its clients.

  • Address- 144 Park Rd, Woolloongabba QLD, 4102, Australia  

  • Phone number- +61 733 912 323

  1. Changes Psychology 

Changes Psychology is another top child psychologist near Brisbane. It is equipped with highly skilled and professional adult and child psychologists. They offer a wide range of services such as parenting skills coaching, anxiety and depression, sleep issues, dysfunctional relationships, toddler behaviours, newborn challenges, assessment, autism, behavioural concerns, anxiety, sleep issues, adolescents, etc. Besides, they also provide home visits along with applying top-quality skills and strategies. 

  • Address- 105 Northgate Rd, QLD 4013, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 730 624 535

  1. EveryKid Psychology

EveryKid Psychology is another best child Psychologist in Brisbane. Equipped with highly skilled professionals and a team of experts, they offer top-notch services for several issues such as anxiety, stress, behaviour, etc. In addition to understanding every child's needs, the experts also keep parents and teachers updated with every detail. So be it any issue your child is facing, rest assured knowing you'll be provided with the best service at affordable prices.  

  • Address- Camp Hill, Brisbane City, QLD 4152, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 407 197 523

  1. Child's Play

Child's Play is another best option offering professional psychological services. Be it your 3-year-old child or 18-year-old, their experts are trained in handling all kinds of issues. They offer several services such as therapy sessions, psychological services, and therapeutic groups, etc. Since a child's early development, the professionals provide counselling services. Besides, every psychologist and therapist is highly trained and skilled in the field. So instead of hesitating, seek help and get your child the best treatment plan. 

  • Address- 1034 Logan Rd, Holland Park West, QLD 4121, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 733 097 011

  1. Child and Family Psychology 

Child and Family Psychology is another best option in the list of top child Psychologists in Brisbane. They have an experienced team of psychologists and counsellors who aim to offer high-quality support to infants, teens, elders, and groups as well as family issues. Be it mild or complex concerns, you can always rely on the experts here. They offer a wide range of services such as dealing with anger, self-harm, depression support, stress, anxiety, counselling, therapy, etc. 

  • Address- 66 daisy rd, manly west, QLD 4179, Australia 

  • Phone number- +61 401 741 170

  1. Perspective Psychology Services

When looking for the best child Psychologists near Brisbane, you'll surely come across Perspective Psychology Services. This is because it is one of the renowned psychology centres. Founded by Joan Caelli, there are many professional psychologists who handle every situation with a friendly and kind approach. The services offered are play therapy, expressive therapies, autism, mindfulness, etc. The best part is they also provide outreach services. Overall, all the focus is on success for you and your child. 

  • Address- 10 Hurd Terrace, Morningside, QLD 4170, Australia  

  • Phone number- +61 404 861 216 

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