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Who is the Most Famous Child Psychologist in Brisbane?


Who is the Most Famous Child Psychologist in Brisbane?      

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your child in their school or social life, counting on a child psychologist in Brisbane is the best thing you can do. Being mental health specialists, these professionals use psychological tests and a variety of therapies to deal with mental health difficulties alongside real-life challenges. However, if you are someone living in Brisbane and searching for a child psychologist, then wait. By reading until the end, you will be discovering who is the best practitioner on whom you can rely.


The Best Child Psychologist in Brisbane - Find Out Now

As there are thousands of child psychologists in Brisbane, deciding whom to choose may become quite difficult. This is why you have been introduced to Natacha Martin. She has been an active practitioner since 2012 and holds qualifications including a Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences in Counseling. 

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Also, she is an ACA (Australian Counseling Association) member. As a psychologist, she is a highly educated and experienced practitioner who has offered guidance to thousands of patients. 


Some of her previous experiences include as a recovery practitioner, adolescent and family counsellor, alcohol and other drugs counsellor, student counsellor, student advisor, community and family support service, and more. As a famous child psychologist, she aims to offer complete support and guidance that one needs in their own space.

What are the Services offered?

When searching for a child psychologist near me, there is no doubt that Dr. Natacha is an ideal choice. She is aware that life can be difficult at times, and asking for assistance may seem frightening. At her services, your child can be consulted in a private setting where they can explore their ideas, feelings, and worries. It does not matter if your child is dealing with social fear, sadness, lack of confidence, or other issues - she is committed to offering qualified assistance. 

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You can obtain support through convenience through online video sessions with the help of online counselling services. As the best child psychologist, she ensures flexibility and comfort all along the way. In her presence, you can rest easy knowing that your child's process of healing and personal development will be assured. However, to be precise, some of the services that she offers include 

  • Child-parent relationship therapy.

  • Behavioural therapy.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

  • Group or family therapy.

  • Child-centred play therapy.

  • Child trauma therapy.

  • Music therapy

  • Child anger management therapy.

  • Art therapy

  • Occupational therapy.

  • Parent-child interaction therapy.

  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).

  • Emotionally focused therapy and more.

What are the Interventions She Focuses On?

As a renowned and experienced child psychologist in Brisbane, she concentrates on child, adolescent and teen interventions. Some of these interventions are as follows.

  • Managing bullying

  • Learning Challenges

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Parents

  • Depression

  • phobias and fears

  • Loss and Grief

  • social abilities

  • Adjustment Disorder 

  • Anger Control

  • Anxiety

  • Attention-Deficit (ADHD) Hyperactivity Disorder

  • disorders on the autism spectrum, such as Asperger's

  • Conduct disorder

  • oppositional defiance  and other abuse-related behavioral disorders


What are the Ways You Can Contact this Child Psychologist?

There are many ways you can contact Dr. Natacha Martin when you need a top child psychologist. You can choose to visit the official website by clicking here. From the official website, you can video call the doctor to opt for her services from the privacy and comfort of your space. Anyone who has made an online appointment must know that a link would be provided through the email which must be clicked to confirm and join the video call. Also, you can make bookings and manage appointments online to visit her. 

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Final Words 

Therapy is a priceless tool that offers a secure environment for adults and children to discuss their difficulties and know how to deal with them. Be it temporary circumstances mental health disorders or any sudden kind of behavioural changes - through therapy a person can be healed internally. On the other hand, as parents nobody knows your child like you do. 


By consulting with a psychologist, there are chances that your child might start to improve in many ways including resolving difficulties that they have been facing in school, relationships, managing emotions, and others.

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