My Girl Chats with Many Guys on Social Media- Shall I Allow Her?

  Shall I Allow My Girl to Chat with Guys on Social Media?

 "It's been a serious problem for me, and I am eagerly looking for a solution, please help me. I and my girlfriend are in a serious relationship for the past seven years, and we are a happy couple. But things have been becoming difficult for the past few months (around six months from now) when she started chatting so much over social media, with many of her male friends. Some of the friends are common friends of both of us, some of them are friends of her and unknown to me, while some of them are complete strangers (we both don't know them personally, only she got connected with them through social media platforms). If it was still this much, I was still okay with this. But things have become much worse than you imagine! She even started dating others. 

So yeah, the things are much serious now, much indeed than any normal relationship handling, emotional stress-handling stuff. And that is the reason I have come to you, as I got to know about you through one of my closest friends who suggested to me to meet you (he said that you are one of the best psychologists in Kolkata and sorted out many relationship cases like this one) for the solution. Please guide me through this pathetic situation, as I am really feeling helpless. I don't have any clue what the hell is going on with our relationship. Please guide me." 

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Is She Always Active on Instagram?

The above statement was made by one of my clients (who lives in Germany, he visited me when he came to Kolkata for some work. Sorry, I cannot disclose the name, as I keep my clients' details completely confidential. Just for the case study purpose, I am disclosing the actual case, and how it went through). As you know my name is Sargam Chhetri, I am a Psychologist based out of Kolkata, I do handle any kind of case related to human psychology. And I do this job as my passion. Anyways, let's come back to the case he came for. 

How I Met Him

It was a rainy day (mostly Friday) since morning, he appeared at my Tollygunge chamber completely
out of his mind. He was so terrified and clueless that he was unable to speak properly. I can understand his feelings, as his situation was so terrible. He spoke to me the full thing somehow (exactly how I have mentioned in the beginning). I already had handled similar types of cases earlier. So it was not completely new to me. At first, I offered him a glass of water and made him calm down. Then I started talking to him very politely and gradually collected much other essential information about their relationship.  

How Do You Know She's Been Dating Other Guys?

When I asked this question, my client said that he never asked his girl about this incident, and through her behavior toward him, he assumed that she's been dating someone else. Well, it can happen so, but at the same time, it can not happen also. So I suggested him not to think about it as
it is not always the fact whatever we think, is happening the same way. It can be something totally different also. She might be disturbed with something else and unable to pay full attention to him, and that is the reason she might not be attentive to his words always. 

What Made You Think She's Been Dating Others?

(to be the next part of it here-> Is She Really Dating Someone Else?)

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