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Is She Really Dating Someone Else?


Is She Really Dating Someone Else? 

(...Continuation after the first part-> "My Girl Chats with Many Guys on Social Media- Shall I Allow Her?" Please read the first part to understand this post clearly. There's something happening with a guy, and I am as a psychologist trying to help him come out of depression.)

Unnecessary Assumptions Disturb Peace of Mind                     

A relationship is based on trust. In order to maintain it, one needs to understand that transparency is the key to maintain trust from both ends. We always cannot judge how far your relationship is stable based on some predetermined assumptions as it may be enough capable of disturbing your peace of mind, plus it would also affect your relationship in a negative manner. This is where one must seek therapeutic assistance.

As a matter of fact, I admit as a professional (a psychological counselor based in Kolkata)
that there is an ample number of women for whom the value of maintaining a stable relationship is non - existent. On the other hand, it is equally true that there are countless loyal and faithful women who someway or the other have played a pivotal role and impacted my life. Therefore I can enlist certain personality traits that would guide you towards understanding the personality traits of a loyal woman.

Instead of assuming things, give your precious time to understand the personality traits of a loyal woman, while discovering your girl differently.

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The Personality Traits of a Loyal Woman Are as Follows:

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She Possesses Immense Strength  

She stands strong during the period of crisis and endures the situation gracefully without a single sign of resentment. She tackles her hurdles with enormous strength and perseverance is what she withholds. Remember the times when she supported you when others had lost faith in you. She might be undergoing a hectic work schedule- so give her time to get settled, and she might get back to the
regular life, she will notice you once again, and things will go smooth. A bit of patience and understanding is what, the current situation demands.

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She is Relentlessly Faithful

She Expresses Magnifying Love  

Her love has the strength to enlighten the lives of those who are around her. She is compassionate towards everyone who is connected to her someway or the other. She makes an effort out of her way to see the ones related to her, be it a simple friend, an acquaintance of her or even the special one in her life to be happy. So instead of doubting her, think about the lovable moments she has given you,
discover her in a new way, try to understand her with patience, she will herself unfold the unknown facts about her- just be patient, and don't come to conclusions by assuming things.

She Embraces the Good   

In general, most of us as mankind has a habit of feeling disgusted now and then. But women possessing these personality traits generally believe in counting on their blessings. She cherishes the delight of the moment. She believes that thankfulness is indeed a powerful tool. The optimism dwelling in her becomes the source of hope for many others.

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She Understands the Meaning of Grace 

In spite of facing offenses from her near and dear ones she always extends her hands of compassion. Though she never accepts any wrongdoing at the same time she prefers not to choose the bitter part of resentment. Since she believes that forgiveness is the gift bestowed to her by the supreme power.

She is Daringly Honest  

She is a daring female who is well in tune with her emotions. She believes in expressing her thoughts and feelings courageously. She is not afraid of transparency. She believes in exposing her truth for the sake of gaining clarity and retaining her connections.

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She Expresses Magnifying Love

She is Relentlessly Faithful 

Deep within the bottom of heart, she contends with an unshakable faith of who she is. There are doubts and temptations within her as a human figurine but at the same time, she has refined her inner self through the immense hardships and has always clung to the roots of truth.

The Reason Behind Pointing Out the Facts                              

The reason for discussing these points with you is to make you realize that we often miss out on one's personality while judging that same person based on sudden behavior which may be a long-lasting and persistent one. These are the personality checklist that you can rely on and ask yourself whether your partner possesses the same personality.

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These above-mentioned articles will help you identify the facts in a better way about how exactly women's emotions take place and how a guy thinks and decides upon something. As per my job, I
sorted out the issues he was having with his partner. He then decided to attend a few more sessions
to get the hold of the current situation and realize the facts that how wrong assumptions can bring unnecessary hazards into any relationship and forces someone to go under mental depression

My Opinion

Here, as a psychological counselor in Kolkata, I would like to clarify that behavior might be altered depending on mood swings, presence of specific individuals, and various temporary circumstances, one's ability to deal with day to day stressors and many more. On the contrary, personality defines an individual's construct which is persistent in spite of various odds.


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