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How To Calm A Woman Down When She Is Angry?


How To Calm A Woman Down When She Is Angry?     

Be it your friend, girlfriend, sister or wife, it can be frustrating to have someone you love be upset. Among All emotions, the most difficult to handle is when she is angry. Sometimes all you want is for her to be happy, but instead, you make things worse in the trying process.


So be it she is mad at you or if you're completely unaware of what she is going through and why she is acting that way, remember, she still loves you. It's just she is having a bad day and you should never stop trying. So wondering how to calm a woman down when she is angry? To help here is the best you can do. 

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  1. A Warm Hug 

A Warm Hug is always worth more than any materialistic thing you could ever give, especially when a woman is angry. Your love and affection would be the best solution. Even though you feel scared to do it at the moment, take the risk. Let your warm hug melt all her anger. 

  • A pro tip would be to convey your love using sweet words. 

  1. Listen to Her 

When it comes to anger there are many facts about women's psychology. One such is that she may be holding a lot of things inside. Instead of talking first, let her say it all. Give her the time to start a healthy conversation as it will solve many misunderstandings. And the best is that she will feel good and that feeling of too much inside will surely go.

  • A pro tip would be to not interrupt and let her feel heard. 

  1. Stay Calm 

Wondering how to calm down a woman when she is angry with something other than you? The first step towards this is to stay calm and not get angry. If you get angry too then it will only feed into her own. Even though it feels hard, take a deep breath and talk her down. 

  • A pro tip here is to give her space to calm down if you're short tempered. 

  1. Apologise if its Because of You 

Is she mad because of something you've done? Thinking how to console a woman when she is angry with you? Well, the best option here would be to realise what you've done and apologise to her. Being sorry and accepting your mistake will not only calm her down but will also make her happy. 

  • A pro tip here is to not apologise if you think it wasn't your fault, instead explain and talk to her. 

  1. Support Her

 If you don't know how to understand a woman's mind, try being supportive to her for once. Even if she is angry, tell her that you're there for her and will always be there. Allow her to tell you about all her problems and make sure to help with all you can. It may feel like understanding women's psychology is tough, but sometimes all it takes is a few words of comfort. 

  • A pro tip would be to listen carefully and attentively. 

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