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What Are the Duties of a Psychologist?


What Are the Duties of a Psychologist?

With the deteriorating condition of mental health and limited knowledge that people have, one profession that has emerged as extremely promising is none other than psychology. A psychologist is a professional mental health specialist who will evaluate your symptoms and then provide you with the necessary intervention methods. 


Usually, there are different types of psychologists, consequently, the answer to the question of what are the duties of a psychologist is also quite subjective. There are a lot of people who are interested in the field of mental health and want to pursue the profession. This is one of the major reasons why it is important to research and know correctly about what are the duties and responsibilities of a psychologist. 

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What Is the Duty of a Psychologist?

The preliminary duty of a psychologist includes making an appointment with the client and then giving them a safe space to talk about their life and the issues that they have been facing. Once the rapport has been established and the client has opened up about the same to the psychologist, the next duty includes running relevant studies and assessments. This will help the psychologist to understand what are the symptoms that a person is showing and which is the diagnosis that needs to be given.

 Among the duties of a psychologist, one of the most important things that they need to do is provide a non-judgement and empathetic listening ear to the client. Not only that a psychologist also must provide a completely confidential listening session. This means that none of the Verbatim that has been shared by the client can be divulged elsewhere without the formal consent of the client. The psychologist will usually set up an appointment with the client depending on the needs and the psychologist must not overburden the client with the sessions. 


Another very important duty of a psychologist is to set up a goal and a working mechanism for the client. This is usually done to map the progress and understand what the client started with and how they are at the current moment. Among what are the duties of a psychologist, this is one of the most important ones as it helps in tracking how much intervention the client still needs. Always make sure that you are under the supervision of a psychologist who has the qualifications to practise.

Duty of a Psychologist - Various Genres

Now that we have a basic idea about what are the preliminary duties that a psychologist has, consequently, it is important to ascertain that there are various responsibilities as well for different genres of psychologists.

Duties of a Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychology is the most common discipline and hence it is quite widespread to wonder what are the duties of a clinical psychologist. The most important duty of a clinical psychologist is to understand the symptoms of the patient and then provide the right diagnosis. If the psychologist can understand that the client needs continuous therapy then the psychologist also must refer him or her to a suitable therapist. For eg for children who have low IQ, it is important to reach out to a developmental or child psychologist. A clinical psychologist is licensed to make the evaluation and hence they can even run assessments. If the psychologist is certain that the patient needs psychometric testing, then they must inform the client about the same. 

Duties of a Forensic Psychologist

Unlike clinical psychology which is a very common field of practice, forensic psychology is a rare subject and hence people have a lot of inquisitiveness about it. If you are wondering what are the duties of a forensic psychologist then the first thing is to provide the patient with completely non-judgemental listening. The job description of such a psychologist requires them to delve into the clinical mind and hence listening unbiasedly is extremely important. A Forensic psychologist also must give a transparent reading of what they think about the current mental state of the subject. 

Duties of a Research Psychologist

As you can make out from the name itself, the primary task of a research psychologist is to research a given topic. The basic duties online collecting data from a population, studying the same and then conducting the necessary calculations as well. There are usually different types of research and hence the duty of a research psychologist tends to depend on the same. This is also in correlation with what is the role of an assistant psychologist. An assistant psychologist will be junior to a doctorate psychologist and aid them through the process of study.

Duties of a Counselling Psychologist

Now that we are venturing about the various types of what is a psychologist's job description, we must answer the same about the most common variant of a psychologist - counselling psychologist. As the name already specified the major duty of this variant of psychologist is to provide the client with a counselling session. The number of counselling sessions that a client requires completely depends on the mental state and the severity of the diagnosis. A Counselling psychologist does not have the licence to give the diagnosis however they are trained to provide counselling sessions. Having a counselling psychologist is extremely important as they are able to carry out the basic counselling requirements that an individual might need. The counselling psychologist must help the client understand their current status and then chalk out a counselling roadmap. They also need to ensure that the clients stick to the same. 

Now that we have in fair idea about what are the duties of a psychologist, it is important to understand that each of the specializations we have mentioned is different. Although the basic duties of client evaluation remain the same, the specific duties tend to change depending on the type of psychologist you are seeing. 

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