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Why Do Best Friends Think Alike?


The Thinking Process of Best Friends Are Alike  

Friendship can be said to be a unique relationship in human life, yet defining the relationship according to the dimensions related to the same may be considered to be a tough job. According to various research, studies friendship has been existing for ages within the social and emotional realm and is significant of the interdependence and the voluntary nature of interactions. Research studies on human psychology have eminently proven the fact that one's preferences about making friends mostly depend on the similarity of the personalities between the concerned individual and his or her chosen friend. This tends to increase interpersonal bonding and decrease conflict.

Friendship Psychology- Best Friends Think the Same at Any Moment
Friendship Psychology- Best Friends Think the Same at Any Moment

Types of Friendship  

The definition of friendship may vary from one individual to the other. As per various surveys conducted by social psychologists all over the world, three types of friendship have been seen to exist in the humanitarian society.

They may be as follows:

Based on Reciprocity 

True friendship is reciprocal. This does not merely mean that friendship is based on material exchange. Here it implies standing as a support system for a friend during the hour of emergency.

Lifetime Commitment 

This implies the love, support, understanding, and affection one may require when a crisis strikes. A friend in such cases is one whose shoulder is required by another friend to cry on during bad times, who lends his hand of guidance and support whenever a hard and strong decision needs to be made. Who takes a strong stand for his or her friend during times of need.

Mutual Alliance 

Counting an individual as a friend is one's voluntary choice. Either party equally makes the same choice by free will. The bond, in turn, converts one's circle of friends into one's extended family. If one lacks the required emotional support from their family they may look forward to their friends for the same.

Mutual Friendship 

Friendship is not only a platform where pleasure is taken in the company of others. Cracking light jokes are fine until no one is deliberately pinpointed, amidst mocking and cracking jokes the wall of mutual respect for either party needs to be maintained. Genuine friendships flourish only when mutual respect exists between two friends.

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Who is Your Best Friend???

People tend to choose friends having
similar qualities as theirs!

Two Best Friends Share similarities, qualities and characteristics. Sometimes, they look similar as well.

Reasons Behind Having the Same Thoughts That One's Best Friend Has 

The similarity is often seen to exist between individuals considering each other as best friends because of the interpersonal chemistry between them. Interpersonal chemistry is a relatively new concept based on an instant emotional and psychological connection prevailing between two individuals. 

The factor building up this strong bond is said to be communication and mutual disclosure. Reciprocal linking and a sense of humor are seen to have a positive influence on interpersonal chemistry. A recent study by social psychologists has tried to enlighten on this factor in an attempt to identify beliefs attached to the components of friendship chemistry. 

The "Friendship Experiment" in Detail 

A number of individuals of the age of eighteen or above were selected as a part of a survey.

They had to answer a questionnaire containing items compiled from interdependence theory and factors affecting the formation of friendship.

Participants have been divided into two groups.

The questionnaire was based on five factors namely -

  1. Reciprocity

  2. Mutual interest 

  3. Differences of opinion  

  4. The similarity in the thinking process 

  5. Physical attraction. 

The Outcomes of the Experiment

  1. An analysis of conformity was also conducted. Participants with an agreeable, open, and conscience-based personality are mostly seen to experience friendship chemistry or interpersonal chemistry. 

  2. The results of the research study revealed that a person's physical health, mental health, and overall life satisfaction are the cause of one's ability or inability to experience successful or unsuccessful interpersonal relationships. 

  3. Conformity to the friendship norms has been noted as an important baseline of friendship chemistry. An in-depth understanding of individual personalities and friendship norms through the above will help clinicians and counselors to help those individuals bring a change in their social lives who are struggling to make friends. 

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