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What Exactly Does Settling Down in Life Mean? Settle Down in Life


   What Does It Mean by "Getting Settled Down in Life"?

I have often come across such situations where my client comes to me and says that he/she's been suffering from depression/anxiety as he/she's not been able to get settled down in life, or has no clue when he/she's gonna get settled. 

Well, this is something real to be worried about, but just let's look into the scenario from a third person's point of view. And I'll be discussing the same here below. 

That Smile of Accomplishment Says That You Are Settled in Life

So, What Do You Exactly Mean by "Getting Settled in Life"? 

The Basic Criteria of "Getting Settled Down in Life" are-

  • Find the perfect profession that suits you the best
  • Find a goal in Life
  • Find the perfect Life-partner
  • Have assets that take care of you when you are old
  • Be in a position to take care of your parents, friends, and family when they are in need
  • Have enough time to spend for yourself and your family, friends. 
  • Be social, be active
  • Be fit, healthy, and mentally strong

If you fulfill the above criteria, you are most commonly to be called as "a settled person"

Is "Settling Down in Life" a Good Thing?

What Age You Should Settle Down?

According to the studies, scientific and social surveys- it is suggested that by the age of 30 years, a person should be in a position where he gets turned into a profession that fits/her the best. Now circumstances are not the same for everyone such as personal matters, upbringing, guidance, social infrastructure, etc. That is why, it may vary to 5 more years, or for some people it can get extended to 40 years, till he/she finds the most suitable profession. 

Even his/her personal life goes in hands together, as he/she might find the perfect life partner by the age of 30~40 (same as finding the perfect profession). Now when you find both of them (a perfect profession and a perfect life-partner), we commonly assume that your "life got settled" or "you are settled down in your life". 

If you have already achieved this level, then congratulation! You are going good. 

But, here the question is, "Is These Two Things are Everything?"

Of course not, everyone has dreams of achieving many things in life, as you have only one life to spend, and you cannot turn back time. So most of us tend to make the best use of the moment and achieve all that we want. But as discussed earlier, those two are the basic necessities one should look into (at least, to most common people like us. If you have something extraordinary in your mind, then that is totally different. And in that case, you just can't simply waste your time, and focus on your goal, keep working on it, till you achieve what you want.)

I Am the Type of Person Who Doesn't Feel to "Get Settled Down"-What Shall I Do?

Stay tuned, we'll talk about that too in a while.

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