As an Introvert, What Makes Your Day Colourful? Feeling Lonely? Try These

     Are You an Introvert? Try Any of These to Keep Yourself Busy

Being an introvert is not something bad, or something to hide about. It's just the natural characteristics of a human being. When you are a bit self-centered or don't want to get mixed with many people keeping yourself out of the reach of others-or, you don't want to get involved socially due to personal or professional reasons, there are chances, people will call you as "An Introvert".

"Being Alone" and "Being Lonely" Both Are Different

Sometimes, due to work pressure, headache, or any other reasons, one might feel to live alone for time being. But that doesn't mean that the person is "all alone in the world". He/she might have many friends, it's just that the person wants to be alone for time being and restoring energy for the future. 

But "Being Lonely" is altogether a different thing to deal with. When someone feels lonely, then it doesn't matter how many people are standing close to you-one can still feel lonely, even when he/she is surrounded by many people. When you cannot mix with others or find nobody close to you, or cannot even share your feelings with anyone else-that suggests that you are "Lonely". And mind it-"Being Lonely" is not at all a good sign for mental or physical health. It can lead you to depression, anxiety, headache, insomnia, obesity, digestion issues, mental health disorder, and a lot more diseases. 

That is the reason, I have come with this discussion today, where you can find some really helpful ideas to get involved yourself and make your days colorful, whenever you feel "LONELY". 

When I surveyed around 1000 (one thousand) people who think that they are introverts- or had come to cross such phases in life where they had no one else with them to share feelings-they opted these and got great results. As a Mental Health Professional and Psychologist in Kolkata, even I do recommend many of these activities to my clients when they suffer from anxiety, depression, and related issues. 

1. Keep Your Surroundings Peaceful-Only Listen To Your Heartbeat

2. Reading Story Books/Novels

3. Watch Movies

4. Listen To Your Favorite Music

5. Do You Like to Write? Then Writing Creatives Can Be the Best Option

6. Derive a Hobby and Enjoy Your Own Company

7. Exercise Can be a Stress-Buster

8. Some People Like Drawing/Painting/Cooking

9. Stay Close to Nature- Start Gardening

10. Buy a Pet- They Are Just Awesome Time-Pass

11. Video Games, Social Networking Sites Are Fun

12. Meditate- Learn The Art of Meditation- Controlling Your Mind

13. Spend Time in Helping People Who Need You

 14. Travel Around Different Places You Have Never Visited

 15. Understand Yourself- Keep Your mind Calm- Plan for Long Term Goals- Act Accordingly

Let me know what do you think about these activity planning and also share something about yourself like- 

a)   Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

b)  How do You Spend Your Days?

c) Do You Have Friends? How Many?

d) Do You Like Our Posts and Read Them Regularly?

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