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Sargam Chhetri, Psychiatrist

Hi, I am a certified Psychological Counsellor practising in Kolkata, India. Initially, it started for me like a passion to help the distressed to somehow get relief from stress and manage their emotions well. My passion for this subject arose during my school days when I realised that we all have various doctors in order to relieve us from various health issues but why don't we have a psychology doctor to look after our daily emotional issues and tantrums. In order to reach out methodically and gain more positive results out of my practice sessions, I made up my mind to take up professional psychology courses in order to be qualified in this field and gain more practical knowledge and acquire professional training. It is during the tenure of my Education and Internship in this field of study I have realised in-depth the immense importance of psychology in the life of mankind.

I have completed my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Calcutta. I  have also served the Psychiatry Department of the ESI hospital, Joka in Kolkata and the Rehabilitation Department of the NIOH Hospital in Dunlop.

I am a Certified Therapist in ADHD and Specific Learning Disabilities. I have also earned Certification in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I have gained practical knowledge and expertise in the field of Play Therapy. I have undergone Professional Training and certification in Anger Management and Stress Management. I have undergone Basic and Advance Courses of Graphology in order to gain expertise in the field of Handwriting Analysis and therefore continue my practice as a  Certified Graphotherapist. The cumulative practical knowledge has enhanced my expertise in providing therapeutic support to my clients. I have acquired profound knowledge in the field of marital therapy. I have earned Certification and mastered the skill of utilizing Non - Verbal Communication Skills and Body Language along with the ability to utilize it Positively in WorkPlace as well as in one's own personal life. I am also a certified Dance Movement Psychotherapist under Rythmosiac Dance Therapy Section.

My tenure in psychology studies has molded and shaped me into an efficient Private practitioner in the field of Counselling Psychology. I believe there is still a lot more to learn from such an interesting branch of study or discipline.  I believe in offering a secure, judgment-free and confidential environment for my clients, ranging from couples, teens, and families so that they may heal, grow and thrive.

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